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i've gotten accepted into a special graphics designing class, i had to take a interview for it too.
i've also gotten addicted to video games again, otome games, rpgs, horror survivor games, it's not that much of a shocker but still one to raise an eyebrow at.

how the hell do you break a couple up

2012-11-17 18:00:19 by anna155

like. sabotage it, make them hate each other's guts. seriously.
So my dad got a new girlfriend and it's done nothing but make my hatred for every little thing increase, every thing seems to piss me off more easily and blah blah blah. you get the gist of it. Thing is my mom wants to get back together with him and so that's where my job comes in. i have to somehow get my dad to lean away from new girly and back to my mom. any tips?

no--she's going up to maryland, cya all til about tuesday!!


2012-05-30 23:54:14 by anna155

Guess who's laptop came in all new and shit?

this CAN NOT be real...

2012-05-25 15:10:17 by anna155

My newest laptop broke...oh god.
all that data. all that unsaved art....THIS. IS. BALLS.
i at least have my old one that works pretty good...i'm so mad/sad at the moment cause of this ;-;

Working on it

2012-01-15 05:12:54 by anna155

I'm starting to get the hang of this ouo"
I'd like to thank everyone so far for the wonderful comments :D im still working on art, just i think the big project ones are best suited for this place(don't wanna spam you O_O" )
Not the commissions or anything really...
German class and school in general have been an energy drainer on me :'D


2011-11-24 07:42:01 by anna155

Well, im now here in newgrounds everyone! I'll be slowly posting things from DA and another website(which shall not be named) But NG looks like a fun place to be at, so im going to take a shot here OuO please take care of me everyone ^-^"