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Entry #7

never in my life did i think this would happen

2013-03-29 02:05:48 by anna155

i've gotten accepted into a special graphics designing class, i had to take a interview for it too.
i've also gotten addicted to video games again, otome games, rpgs, horror survivor games, it's not that much of a shocker but still one to raise an eyebrow at.


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2013-03-29 02:31:51

You've got money for games and college? Either way, I'm glad you've got some spice in your life!

anna155 responds:

college? no i'm still in high-school


2013-03-29 02:46:31

Nice art! Just favorited you.
Congrats btw! ^___^


2013-03-29 04:03:13



2013-03-29 16:10:56



2013-03-29 22:35:25

Whaaaat! That's awesome!
Congrats, you deserve it


2013-04-12 16:59:38

Your just kind of sort of a rude person...

(Updated ) anna155 responds:

not really. i'm just so fed up with the people on here who are rude, if anything i'm sassy as fuck which often is mistaken for rudeness.


2013-05-27 17:06:01

Alright your sassy then, I just didn't mean anything negative by it when I commented on your artwork. You seem to have taken it as offensive when I was just criticizing your awesome artwork.

anna155 responds:

It's normal to be offended when someone calls me "rude". And i do not recall this journal holding any art that was open for criticism. Sorry if i DO come off as rude or sassy but i do not remember asking for any commentary from you on if my "awesome" art needs criticism or not, even if it does need crit.


2013-08-18 14:09:32

Congrats! I am happy for you! What games do you play?