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how the hell do you break a couple up

2012-11-17 18:00:19 by anna155

like. sabotage it, make them hate each other's guts. seriously.
So my dad got a new girlfriend and it's done nothing but make my hatred for every little thing increase, every thing seems to piss me off more easily and blah blah blah. you get the gist of it. Thing is my mom wants to get back together with him and so that's where my job comes in. i have to somehow get my dad to lean away from new girly and back to my mom. any tips?


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2012-11-17 18:54:35

Not anything I can think of... I wish you lots of luck on your endeavor.

anna155 responds:

thanks man. i'm gonna need all the luck i can get


2012-11-17 19:01:03

This is something I feel like he should do for you
If he doesn't already know how you feel, start by telling him
One way or another.

Or remind him of the consequences.
He probably doesn't want to lose touch with his daughter.
New girl in his life can make him lose sight of what is important.

anna155 responds:

well. i've already told him i don't like her. at all.

funny funny thing is. just recently she told him she wanted to move in with him. and marry him. looks like my wish-list for my birthday will now include a shot-gun


2012-11-17 20:08:22

Sounds like a crappy situation. I like Rob's idea.


2012-11-17 20:09:43

Worst case scenario, you have to deal with her for the next 3 years till you can escape. That's not so bad in the scheme of things.


2012-11-18 04:37:57

My first thought was a shotgun... but I guess you beat me to it :(
The only thing that matters in a LTR is this: is this the person you really want to grow old and face death with? However, how do you find out?! You really don't know someone, 'till they're faced with a life, death, financial, pharmaceutical or hunger catastrophe. If someone threw a grenade at you and yours, who would run and who would fall on the grenade, to save the others?
I wish I could've been more helpful, but I am blissfully unaware of the details :)


2012-12-04 00:57:35

it depends on the situation between your mother and father. do they still get along at all, even in a general sense? has she made it known to your father that she still cares about him? you also have to consider his feelings on the matter. like, whether or not he thinks he could be absolutely happy with your mother. love is a horribly and cruelly complicated thing sometimes. but everything is easier to figure out if everyone is honest with eachother. my advice to you would be to have your mom be completely honest on the matter and if that goes well...she should make him remember why they got together and had a child together to raise.
wish i could sound more optimistic about this, but love sucks.


2012-12-22 15:58:58

hey anna do you still have that couple problem?
ps= you are cute :3

anna155 responds: