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Entry #7

never in my life did i think this would happen

3/29/13 by anna155

i've gotten accepted into a special graphics designing class, i had to take a interview for it too.
i've also gotten addicted to video games again, otome games, rpgs, horror survivor games, it's not that much of a shocker but still one to raise an eyebrow at.


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Congrats! I am happy for you! What games do you play?



Alright your sassy then, I just didn't mean anything negative by it when I commented on your artwork. You seem to have taken it as offensive when I was just criticizing your awesome artwork.

7/25/13 anna155 responds:

It's normal to be offended when someone calls me "rude". And i do not recall this journal holding any art that was open for criticism. Sorry if i DO come off as rude or sassy but i do not remember asking for any commentary from you on if my "awesome" art needs criticism or not, even if it does need crit.



Your just kind of sort of a rude person...

4/13/13 (Updated 4/13/13) anna155 responds:

not really. i'm just so fed up with the people on here who are rude, if anything i'm sassy as fuck which often is mistaken for rudeness.

Whaaaat! That's awesome!
Congrats, you deserve it





Nice art! Just favorited you.
Congrats btw! ^___^



You've got money for games and college? Either way, I'm glad you've got some spice in your life!

3/29/13 anna155 responds:

college? no i'm still in high-school